TOUR BASIC TRAINING BOOK:StepOne_CoverFinal In order to perform at any of Festivals or School Tour Events. Most Artist has to go through SOK STAR’s BASIC TRAINING process is simple …

This step by step star’s guide is a must read performance and artist development manual for Hip-hop, R&B, Pop, Rock and Country artists of all levels. Artists will gain performance techniques and tips learned by an industry professional for over 25 years. For new artists wanting to grace the stage and enter the music industry, the wisdom shared within these pages will be invaluable in saving time, money and a lot of frustration. The advice printed on these pages has been tried and proven. So, stop reinventing-the-wheel and getting nowhere! This well-written book will give you, the reader, an edge in talent shows, concerts as well as auditions.

The main purpose of the artist workshops is to review and explore the principles within “The 10 Commandments of the Stage” book. Each participating artist will perform two minutes for the SOK Solutions’ representative and receive feedback on their performance, in an effort to reach the next level. For artists who do not have a mentor, during this period, one will be assigned. At the end of the workshop, artists will be invited to go to the next step of the process—THE SOK TALENT SHOWCASES.

3: Perform in a SOK STAR SHOWCASE.
Through SOK Stars’ exclusive talent showcases, unsigned artists will be invited to compete for a chance to be involved with the SOK School Tours’ team. In addition to being able to hone their skills thru continuous practice, participating artists will receive the added benefit of performing for a live audience. This approach serves to build confidence, invigorate the support of the community and provide the artist with a realistic view of his or her talent level. From each show, SOK Representatives will identify and choose artists that display the potential for being future headline acts. This practice occurs for both the Knowledge Fest Concerts, as well as the SOK Five and Fun School Tours.